Yorkshire Association for Music and Special Educational Needs

We are a group of people dedicated to and expert in creating inclusive opportunities around music.

Our members comprise teachers, volunteers, artists, musicians, non-musicians, and other participants with and without additional needs.

We provide and support a range of activities for people with additional needs and those who work with them.

Ready to Restart

YAMSEN choirs and events are getting ready to welcome everyone back.  Click on the buttons to find out more about:

We will be sticking to government and local guidance, adding in extra cleaning and making arrangements around social distancing.

You can contact a group leader for a copy of the Covid Risk Assessment with safe working guidance.

Multisensory and Music Days

YAMSEN's multisensory and music days have been reimagined as an online resource with musical activity videos and art project ideas.

Squirrel puppets in a painted tree multisensory days 2021

This year's theme is 'A Tree for All Seasons,' celebrating a year in the life of a tree and the animals that call it home.