Earwiggo Barging

Earwiggo Barging--an interactive multisensory music and arts project resource for all abilities: available now for schools to access free of charge!  
YAMSEN:SpeciallyMusic, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, have created a set of multisensory music and arts cross-curricular resources about the  Leeds Liverpool Canal.

These resources can form the basis of a month-long project or can be used a set of one off activities.  They have all been tried and tested by pupils in classrooms around Leeds.

The pack includes:
• a teacher's book with clear instructions showing the activities for differing levels of working.
• A CD with the songs recorded as learning tracks and as singalong tracks.
• An illustrated pupil’s book which includes the song words, art and dance ideas.

The resource pack is also available in hard copy via post.  For books, please email diane.paterson@leeds.gov.uk stating your school name and how many teacher's and pupil's books are needed.

Earwiggo Barging Contents:

Introductions and contents:

Teacher's book cover and introduction

Teacher's book contents and track list

Pupil's book contents

Teacher's book How to read music charts and Credits

Erie Canal:

Teacher's book Erie Canal activities and music

Pupil's book Erie Canal lyrics

Track 1: Erie Canal, learning version 

Track 2: Erie Canal, complete version 

Track 3: Erie Canal, singalong version 

Loading Cargo:

Teacher's book Cargo activities and music

Pupil's book Pass the Cargo On

Track 4: Pass the Cargo On, slow version 

Track 5: Pass the Cargo On, quick version 

Starting Off Down the canal:

Teacher 's book Pulling on the Mooring Rope activities and music

Pupil's book Pulling on the Mooring Rope

Track 6: Pulling on the Mooring Rope

Travelling Through the Dales, and Mill Samba:

Teacher's book Dales multisensory ideas and Mill samba with rhythm chart

Pupil's book Dales pictures

Pupil's book Mill pictures

Track 7: Travelling through the dales 

Track 8: Mill Samba with voice and percussion 

Track 9: Mill Samba with percussion

Track 10: Mill Samba, backing loops only

Going Through a Lock:

Teacher's book Locks--Song of Volga Boatmen(Yo Heave Ho) activities and music

Pupil's book Song of the Volga Boatmen (Yo Heave Ho)

Track 11: Song of the Volga Boatmen (Yo Heave Ho) 

Legging Through a Tunnel:

Teacher's book Legging--Push Boys Push activities and music

Pupil's book Push Boys Push

Track 12: Push Boys Push 

At Liverpool:

Teacher's book Liverpool activities
Teacher's book Liverpool music

Pupil's book Leaving of Liverpool

Track 13: The Leaving of Liverpool 

Track 14: The Leaving of Liverpool, singalong 

The Leeds and Liverpool Canal Song:

Teacher's book LLC song

Pupil's book LLC song

Track 15: The Leeds Liverpool Canal, learning version 

Track 16: The Leeds Liverpool Canal, complete 

Track 17: The Leeds Liverpool Canal, singalong 

Sailing Away:

Teacher's book Hoist up the Sail

Pupil's book Hoist up the Sail

Track 18: Hoist up the Sail 

Dance and Art ideas:

Teacher's book Dance ideas

Teacher's book Art ideas

Pupil 's book Dance and Art ideas part 1

Pupil's book Dance and Art ideas part 2