Multisensory Days and Music Days are days out full of live music and sensory and arts activities, held in the first half of the summer academic term.  Both types of day are based around a theme, which could be from literature, geography, or school topics like space.  Our days feature live musicians who interact with the pupils and accompany each activity.   Pupils from schools all around Yorkshire gather together to participate.

The Multisensory Days are specially tailored for pupils with Complex Medical Learning Needs (CLMN, also known as Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties, or PMLD).  The Music Days are suitable for pupils with learning disabilities and those on the autistic spectrum.

The Multisensory and Music Days are:

  • Large-scale, involving 50-70 children from schools around Yorkshire
  • Interactive and adapted to the abilities and needs of the children
  • Full of live music and meaningful musical experiences, including a variety of instruments and music technology
  • Immersive environments full of scenery, props and costumes
  • Designed so that activities can be replicated back at school.

For more information, contact Diane Paterson, YAMSEN Secretary.  Click here for contact information.

Multisensory Day- inspired videos

Unfortunately, the April-May 2020 Multisensory and Music Days have been cancelled due to the coronavirus situation, so Kate and Roddy from the house band have created some musical videos inspired by the days.  Join them in the woods or outer space!