Children's Choirs
for those with learning difficulties

Accord Choirs
The children in our choirs come from all over Yorkshire to sing with each other. They learn a variety of songs, some with signs or musical activities. Staff are encouraged to sing and sign along too. The choirs are invited to participate in concerts throughout the year.

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In Leeds: One Accord is a choir for KS3 and KS4 students. Young Accord is a choir and music activity group for KS1 and 2. Choir rehearsals are held on alternate monthly Tuesday mornings from 10:15 to 11:45 at Meanwood Community Centre in Leeds.
If you are interested in joining One Accord or Young Accord choir please contact Joanna Winster at:
Tel. 07757 803439

In Wakefield: East Accord is for pupils KS2 and above. There is an emphasis on singing and Makaton signing. Rehearsals are held on monthly Mondays 10:00-11:30 at Manygates Centre, Wakefield.
If you are interested in joining East Accord choir please contact Jackie Craig at:

Per pupil cost is £25 for the year (saving £10), or £15 for Autumn term, £10 for Spring term and £10 for Summer term.  School staff and carers do not pay.

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Dates for Accords rehearsals Autumn Term 2019

Sept 17--Young Accord
Sept 23--Wakefield Accord
Sept 24--One Accord

Oct 8--Young Accord
Oct 21--Wakefield Accord
Oct 22--One Accord

Nov 5--Young Accord
Nov 18--Wakefield Accord
Nov 19--One Accord
Nov 26--Young & One Accord joint rehearsal at St. Chad

Dec 2--Wakefield Accord
Dec 3--Young & One Accord joint rehearsal at St. Chad
Dec 4--Chtistmas Concert at Leeds Town Hall.   Singers arrive 6:15.  Concert from 7:00